Multiple families in two Florida counties are receiving some help after Hurricane Michael that hit two years ago

Published: Jan. 25, 2021 at 5:05 PM CST
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - It’s been over two years since Hurricane Michael made landfall, and families are still recovering from the devastation left behind. Two groups have come together to make this process a little quicker for a few families.

It’s part of their winter work ministry project.

“What we try to do is instill some hope”

Packing up from all over and venturing to the south to help those affected by natural disasters. Which is what landed them in Jackson and Calhoun counties in Florida.

“We like to think we are lead by god and the holy spirit on where we go and this year it was not so much lead it was pulled it was just all doors open and everything pointed towards Jackson and Calhoun county this year,” said Tim Slagel - Ministry Coordinator.

Building five homes from the ground up and a list of over 17 remodels, HarvestCall is able to bring some light back into families lives. With a little help from the North Florida Inland Recovery Group.

“It was just important that we found people that needed help that had loss hope and the long-term recovery group did an outstanding job this year of finding us a lot of beautiful people and families living in pretty deplorable conditions families that were split up and spread out and our goal is to get them back together,” said Slagel.

But what sets this project apart from most, all of the work is being done by close to 500 volunteers who come in each week.

“We have 17 long termers those are the people who are down here for the whole three months January, February and March those are people like our construction leads our head cooks our administrative folks and each week we have about 40 volunteers join us from around the country,” said Slagel.

Which makes their job just a little more rewarding.

HarvestCall will be working in Jackson and Calhoun counties until the end of March.

You can find more pictures of their journey at their website.

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