Geneva County School’s change safety and cleaning protocol’s as basketball season begins

Published: Jan. 16, 2021 at 9:07 AM CST
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As football season comes to a close and basketball season begins. There are more changes than just the switch from the field to the court.

“So since basketball of course is indoors and the Covid exposure is greater. What we’re doing is between games, were clearing the gym of all spectators and cleaning the bleachers, the chairs that the players sit in, the door knobs, the bathrooms, all of those things. So that between games we can make sure it’s a clean environment,” Becky Birdsong, Geneva County Schools superintendent said.

With AHSAA limiting capacity to now 20 percent, only about 150 fans can be allowed into a Geneva County School basketball game.

“We’re reselling tickets because we lowered the price from what it has been because the way we look at it is if we sold a ticket to maybe a B team parent of a B team player, if they stay and they don’t have to buy a new ticket. Then by the time the varsity boys game rolls around there would probably be no tickets left to sell. So the varsity parents wouldn’t get to watch their kids play,” Birdsong said.

A process that only takes about ten minutes.

“We know it’s an inconvenience for people, we hate that but we feel like the whole goal is to keep the games going for our students, that’s what were here for. So whatever we have to do to make the season work and make it so our kids can play ball, that’s what were going to do,” Birdsong said.

For the greater good of both spectators and players.

“We have not had any outbreaks from basketball games and we’ve not missed any area games because of a breakout from Covid. So I think that what we’re doing is the best that we can do in this situation, I think our cleaning practices and the things that we’ve been doing in our schools and now in our gyms is paying off to the extent that it can,” Birdsong said.

Geneva County Schools have also installed cameras in their gyms to live stream basketball games. To learn more about this you can go to

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