City of Hartford approves $1.2 million dollar project

Published: Jan. 13, 2021 at 3:52 PM CST
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The Hartford City Council is starting the year by tackling a project that’s been years in the making. It’s also part one of the goals for their new mayor.

When Neil Strickland ran for mayor of Hartford his main goal was to improve infrastructure within the city. So it makes sense that his first project involves replacing four outfall sewage lines.

“Now these outfall lines will basically increase the flow of the water system to the lagoon to eliminate any kind of potential collapses of roads, the lines themselves that flow to the lagoon. Obviously we’re still working on some things that regard the flooding back on third avenue and north of town. If it’s in a flood zone it’s in a flood zone but were going to try and do some things there to improve the drainage,” Neil Strickland, mayor for the city of Hartford said.

The project has been talked about for nearly four years. On January 4th the council approved moving forward.

The $1.2 million dollar project will be covered by city funds and a three hundred and fifty thousand dollar CBDG grant they received.

“Once this is replaced, you’re probably looking at anywhere from a 30 to 40 year time frame before they wont have to be addressed again. So this is a big deal, there’s a lot of roots that are growing through these outfall lines, a lot of things that just need to be cleaned out. So once we get through with all of that the city will be in pretty good shape,” Strickland said.

When completed, the project will give the city seventy five percent of new sewer capacity.

“But once we get this in place it’ll help us focus on maybe cleaning out ditches and things like that around the areas that do have flood zone issues. So it’s obvious that it’s going to save us money by not having to keep pouring good money back into bad projects, to have something completed and fixed,” Strickland said.

The project should be started within the next 30 days and should take 10 to 12 months to complete.

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