COVID-19 from a kid’s perspective

Aydin Cook, 4th grader, Sun Valley Elementary
Aydin Cook, 4th grader, Sun Valley Elementary(Source: WBRC)
Published: Jan. 8, 2021 at 11:10 AM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Birmingham’s mayor is spending his first full 24 hours out of the hospital while he and thousands of other Alabamians continue to recover from COVID-19. More than 380,000 people in Alabama have been infected with COVID-19.

As adults, the scope of the pandemic is hard to comprehend and young children are working to make sense of it too. We had a candid conversation with fourth grader Aydin Cook about COVID-19.

I know about the Moderna and other vaccines coming in,” said Aydin Cook, 4th grader, Sun Valley Elementary.

He knows the terminology and can tell you what words like ‘contagious’ means. The headlines we report every day aren’t lost on him.

“It makes me sad that so many people are dying,” said Cook.

Cook loves science and the news so he tracks COVID updates every day. His first taste of the disease was helping his grandmother recover after her diagnosis and then he found out his hometown hero was diagnosed.

“I was shocked because he wears his mask,” said Cook.

Cook, also known as Birmingham’s Kid Mayor, and Mayor Randall Woodfin go way back.

“Went to his office, took pictures, and we’ve been friends ever since,” said Cook.

He’s thankful Mayor Woodfin is recovering at home after he was hospitalized with COVID-Pneumonia. The fourth grader who hopes to lead Birmingham as the mayor one day is reminding his community to be positive - and test negative.

Keep your hopes up. And go get the vaccine. And maybe one day this will all be over,” said Cook.

Mayor Woodfin was released from Princeton Baptist Wednesday where he received Remdesivir and Plamsa Therapy to treat COVID pneumonia. In the latest update from the city, leaders said he will continue his self-quarantine recovery at home.

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