Dothan Regional Airport sees an increase in passenger traffic during the holidays

Published: Jan. 5, 2021 at 3:21 PM CST
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Dothan Regional Airport is at fifty percent pre-pandemic levels however passengers are taking full advantage of the flights. Especially during the holiday season and why a fourth flight was implemented to meet the demand.

“We figured we’d see an increase, we always do for the holiday season but with corona we really didn’t know for sure. We did a fifty percent off parking for all active duty military and those guys were able to travel for once in a while. So we did that to coincide with their exodus and I think that’s what created the increase in what we saw,” Adam Hartzog, executive director of the Dothan Regional Airport said.

But for those still hesitant to fly, Delta has added some new changes.

“It’s basically at sixty percent to sixty five percent capacity in the airplane which means there’s a seat between each one of you that chose to fly. That’s going to be continued through March is what the CEO of Delta has said,” Hartzog said.

And they’re not the only ones looking out for your best interest....

“The airports are doing the same thing, including us. We implemented multiple cleaning procedures throughout the day, more than what we normally do. We increased the amount of cleaning products we purchased to clean the buildings. We want to make sure that the public knows were trying everything we can to make sure we’re providing a safe place for them to come and get on a airplane,” Hartzog said.

The Dothan Regional Airport will return to 3 flights per day after January 10th until early summer when the fourth flight will be added permanently.

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