Family loses home for second time after house fire

Published: Dec. 27, 2020 at 9:28 PM CST
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On December 19, Martha Bartlett and her family woke up to the smell of smoke in their Bayou George home.

Soon after that, there was fire.

“Basically, everything was completely gone,” said family member Adam Currington. “Within seconds it was all flamed up.”

The family said they lost their previous home after Hurricane Michael and now they have to start over, again.

“It took us two years to find that place and nine months later it burns down and we’re right back where we were from the start,” said Currington.

Fire officials said the cause of the fire is unknown but the family said the home is a total loss.

Now, they are looking for any help they can get.

“We need clothes, shoes, bedding stuff. We need dog stuff. Turbo needs stuff, he needs toys and a bed,” said family member Chelsey Echo.

The family said even though they weren’t able to salvage much from the home, they’re looking to each other, as well as their neighbors, to stay in high spirits.

“Everybody that we live next to, when the fire happened, they all were there for us, even supporting us. They’re still supporting us even now,” said Echo.

As the family picks up the pieces, they aren’t sure where they’re going to stay next or what the future holds, but they’re glad they still have each other.

“Our Christmas present was making it out,” said Currington.

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