Alabama residents travel across state lines with hopes of winning Mega Millions

Published: Dec. 28, 2020 at 4:37 PM CST
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JACKSON CO, Fla. (WTVY) - Both the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots have reached nearly $400 million each. With no winner after this weekend’s drawings, many are hoping their numbers will be chosen.

Convenience stations and liquor stores in Cambellton saw a steady flow of customers Monday.

“Now with the Mega and the Powerball being a little over 300 million, we’re getting a lot more people coming in,” store manager Margaret Marshall said. “The American dream to win the Florida lottery.”

The state of Alabama currently does not have a lottery, which is why some residents traveled minutes down the road to the store Marshall manages in Florida just off Highway 231 South.

The Mega Millions jackpot sits at $376 million. The Powerball is at $363 million. We caught up with people across the state line to find out what they would do with the money if they won.

“I came down to play a little lottery and that Powerball,” Dothan resident Joel Sizemore said. “Hopefully, hit that big money. If I won, I’d go ahead and pay off my bills, and the family’s and take a nice vacation.”

“I’d get me a new ride or new house or something,” Alonzo Granger said. “I’d invest in something worth it.”

The odds of winning are very slim. There is roughly a 1 in 292.2 million shot of winning the Powerball. The Mega Millions is even slimmer. You have a 1 in 302.6 million chance.

While those odds may be bleak, Sizemore is hoping for a New Year’s miracle.

“Maybe someone will hit that jackpot locally,” Sizemore said.

“I have seen big winners win here,” Marshall said. “I’ve been at this store a long time, I’m sure it would change their life.”

The next drawing for the Mega Millions is Tuesday, December 29th. The Powerball jackpot drawing is Wednesday, December 30th.

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