Take a tour of Christmas around the world with Beveryle Intermediate students

Published: Dec. 17, 2020 at 4:04 PM CST
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Beveryle Intermediate students are learning Christmas traditions not just here in the United States but around the world. So it may be Merry Christmas to us but to others it may be Feliz Navidad.

You don’t have to travel too far to see how different countries celebrate this Christmas.

“I believe children learn better when it’s something they’re interested in. It gives children the opportunity to step away from the monotony of books and from the monotony of teachers being in charge of all of their learning and gives them an opportunity to say okay this is important to me and I want to learn it,” James Williams, principal at Beveryle Intermediate said.

Beverlye Intermediate students turned their hallways into a winter wonderland.

“To learn different traditions about everyone in the world, how they celebrate Christmas and how we celebrate Christmas,” Stephen Colvin, 5th grader at Beveryle said.

Where you can learn why some make sandmen instead of snowmen.

“We learned that it’s summer there for Christmas for them, you can see the great barrier reef all the way from outer space and we learned about the wildlife and what they eat for Christmas and all of that type of stuff,” Madison Gibson, 5th grader at Beverlye said.

And how St. Nick dresses head to toe.

“I actually learned that their Santa Claus is very tall and he wears like a church robe and a weird kind of hat,” Colvin said.

A present parents don’t have to put under the tree this year.

“It makes you proud to be able to come in and listen at your child’s able to stand before other children and other adults and have that one thing that they can celebrate and can show that they’ve learned. It may not be pencil, paper but they can express that they’ve learned something new and they’ve enjoyed it along the way,” Williams said.

This is the second year Beverlye Intermediate has participated in Christmas around the world.

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