Second grader holds yard sale, the payment being canned goods to help feed those in need

Thaddeus Brown has already reached his personal goal of collecting 1,000 cans.
Published: Dec. 10, 2020 at 9:44 PM CST
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - The Miracle on Foster Street food drive has expanded this year, not only becoming a week long event but also making its way into schools, encouraging students to collect canned good for the Wiregrass Area Food Bank. A second grader at Mulkey Elementary is raising canned goods in a way like no other.

“I don’t want people to be hungry,” Thaddeus Brown, second grader, said.

A yard sell like no other, the payment being canned goods. This eight-year-old is determined to help feed those in need this holiday season.

“I have two scooters, two bikes, a stuffed animal and a lot more other stuff,” Thaddeus Brown said.

Charging three cans per item, helping to fill the need in the community.

“We had a full discussion about how not everyone gets toys for Christmas and sometimes Santa has to bring food and clothes and stuff that they need,” Melanie Brown, mother, said. “If they don’t have the stuff they need they can’t really have the stuff they want.”

Taking it to heart, Thaddeus Brown became motivated to help.

“We shed some tears over how some people may be hungry and he’s never known that feeling and we’re really blessed he’s never known that feeling, but he got upset that people go hungry so we kind of made it his mission,” Melanie Brown said.

Thaddeus Brown and his mother went and bought some canned foods, but he wanted to go the extra mile.

“For people that don’t have food,” Thaddeus Brown said.

He went through his things at home, collected items he felt he no longer needed, from clothes to toys, and is selling them not for money, but for canned goods.

“It’s about people getting food.,” Thaddeus Brown said.

To push even further, Thaddeus Brown has contacted about 100 businesses and individuals about collecting canned foods for the food drive.

“Every little bit counts and if you have anything extra somebody else may need it,” Melanie Brown said. “We try to teach him that, but this is a good way to put it into action, to team up with his classmates, his teacher, the school, the Wiregrass, WTVY, to just, everybody across the Wiregrass if you have a little extra, especially this year, just give it and it may be a blessing to somebody else.  "

He is not pocketing anything, everything will be donated.

Thaddeus Brown has already reached is personal goal of collecting 1,000 cans. He said he knows it won’t feed everyone but he knows it will help.

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