Birmingham mom receives almost $350,000 in donations to raising deceased sister’s five kids

Birmingham resident, Francesca McCall, is now taking care of 12 children after losing her...
Birmingham resident, Francesca McCall, is now taking care of 12 children after losing her younger sister to COVID-19.(Source: McCall Family via WBRC)
Published: Dec. 10, 2020 at 11:22 AM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A Birmingham woman is shocked after receiving almost $350,000 in donations in under two weeks.

We first introduced you Francesca McCall on November 29th. She is a woman now raising 12 kids after losing her sister and brother-in-law to COVID-19.

“We feel very blessed,” McCall said. “I am surprised and shocked. I am so thankful and I am grateful for everything. All the support, all the love, all the prayers, we are grateful for everything.”

Francesca’s sister died from the virus back in September. Her brother-in-law died from the virus in October. Francesca told her story in hopes of getting help with Christmas gifts and necessities for the 12 children. They range in age from 17 to two. Her original goal was $5,000 and McCall said she didn’t even expect that. After the story went viral, almost $350,000 has been raised for the family and it is still growing.

“It makes me feel a lot better that some of this is being taken off my shoulders, because in the back of your mind you always wonder ‘how you gonna do this, how you gonna do that?’ so this takes a lot off of me,” McCall said.

Francesca has big plans for the family, including buying a new house to fit them all.

“We are also going to get a headstone for my sister’s grave,” McCall said. “I’ll just take care of the kids with this. We will also get a bigger vehicle for everybody.”

Francesca said the money takes away a financial burden, but it doesn’t take away her grief.

“At this point, I would give it all back to get my sister back,” McCall said. “Nothing will ever take her place. I would give it all back just to get my sister back.”

McCall said she plans to get all of the children intro grief counseling. She also plans to pay it forward, by donating some of the money to other families in need.

McCall said many families have also donated food and gifts for the children.

Family friend, Carla McDonald, organized a holiday drop off event.

The Birmingham Police will be sponsoring gifts on Monday, December 21st.

The Fletcher Fund for Equality from Atlanta will be awarding them full college scholarships to the college of their choice on Saturday, December 19th.

McDonald said Parental Advisori will also be sponsoring on Sunday, December 20th.

Click here to donate to the family.

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