One Ozark City Schools Principal’s dedication to education is paying off

Published: Nov. 20, 2020 at 12:30 PM CST
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - After serving 5 years as assistant principal, Andrea Maness has now been principal of Carroll High School for the past three years.

Now Maness’s love for education is paying off after she was nominated for District 2 principal of the year.

“Being an educator today is a think-less job and being the principal really feels like being an isolation sometimes because constantly I am wearing a smile walking the halls I’m trying to keep everybody positive and motivated but it’s been a challenge especially during a pandemic year. i am honored that another principal elected me,” Andrea Maness – Principal of Carroll High School.

After a quick 15 minute interview, some pushing from the superintendent Maness is now in the top three principals for the state.

“I just used it as an opportunity to really praise the staff and students at Carroll High School because I would put our plan during this pandemic up against any other school in the state of Alabama right now our teachers are doing a phenomenal job our students are doing a great job,” said Maness.

While her love for Carroll High School and the staff and students that walk the halls run deep, school officials are just as thankful for Maness and all she has done for the school system.

“She was assistant principal for a year or two before she moved into this position so she has a history with those kids and that’s important and I think your relationship with the staff in a high school setting is so important and I think that she has developed a respect and an appreciation for the work that she is doing among the staff at the high school as well,” said Rick McInturf – Ozark City Schools Superintendent.

If favors fell onto to her side, Maness would use the achievement as a way to reach other educators.

“I don’t consider myself a top three principal I just come to work every day and I work hard but I would be really honored to use that title as a platform a platform for educators a platform for women in education,” said Maness.

Her mission is to not only be an impact to educators and other individuals as well.

Maness also told WTVY that her future in education is to stay planted where her feet are in Carroll High School. She notes that she could not ask for a better set of staff and students.

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