“The Movement," a three-part solution for Dothan City Schools

Published: Nov. 12, 2020 at 10:23 PM CST
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The future of Dothan City Schools could be changing next year and proposed plans for the 2021-2022 school year are garnering mixed reaction

Less than two years after Dothan City Schools moved to consolidate their school system under Dr. Phyllis Edwards, acting superintendent Dennis Coe is now looking to change part of that plan in an effort to stop students from leaving the system.

“It seems like parents in the community have something new to look forward to every single year from Dothan City Schools. Whether it’s more money being spent and the lack of funds being retained due to the students that are leaving the school and now perhaps more money being spent to once again restructure," Marion Wiley said.

After losing 645 students within the Dothan City School system this year, acting superintendent Dennis Coe decided it was time for a change.

“Well I think it’s important for anyone in any organization, you’ve gotta listen to your people and so if weren’t not evolving and changing and listening to our people were not doing our job. We look at what we have heard and seen as a loss of enrollment," Dennis Coe, Dothan City Schools acting superintendent said.

"The Movement” consists of 3 different solutions DCS plans to initiate next school year.

Creating a freshman academy, a two strand curriculum and a DCS virtual school.

“We have to do an outstanding job in the classroom, doesn’t matter how many children are there but what are we doing with them in the classroom is the most important. So to be able to offer quality instruction and a quality curriculum to them is as much important as where they’re located," Coe said.

After hearing concerns of overcrowding at Dothan Prep Academy, this new plan would address those issues.

“When you look at the number of students that we lost, a lot of that we heard from parents was we wanted to leave the system before our children got to the age to attend DPA. So how do you resolve that? You remove a body from that campus," Coe said.

The school board meeting attracted the attention of several parents who are unsatisfied with these solutions.

“I think if the board also came from the knowledge and the experience of having students within the school system, I think perhaps their viewpoint would change a little bit as well. But having a student now that’s in college, one that’s in the high school and one that’s in the middle school, I’ve seen what it was, I’ve seen what it is now and really looking not only at our school system but at other communities what it could be,” Wiley said.

The board plans to vote on the proposed plan Monday, November 16th at the next Dothan City School Board meeting.

Other proposed plans that will be discussed in that school board meeting include the renovation of DTC, convocation renovation and DHS gym renovation.

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