New businesses opening their doors in Ozark

Published: Nov. 5, 2020 at 1:05 PM CST
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Coffee...more coffee and seafood, that’s what citizens in Ozark can now enjoy as new businesses are making their way into town.

One of those businesses being, The Bean Bro. They made their start in Daleville and in six months since opening they made their arrival in Ozark

“There was no coffee shops here at all so when Sunday morning came around and we wanted to go get something to drink and there was really a limited option other than driving to Dothan so it just seemed like a smart choice to start here,” said Damen Dennis - Owner of Ozark Bean Bro,

They say the Ozark community has not let them down. With an opening day like no one expected

“Ozark has been incredible we had lines down to Wendy’s the first week that we were open and it has been awesome since then the community here is awesome we see a lot of the same faces everyday and a lot of new faces everyday people still getting to come for the first time,” said Dennis.

The Bean Bro looks to continue to involve themselves in the city along with possibly expanding into Enterprise and Dothan.

You can keep updated with The Bean Bro through their Facebook.

More java can be found at Loose Brick Coffee. A dream since 2013 has now come true.

“We knew back then that we wanted to do a coffee house and roastery because we are rooted in Ozark now, and we wanted to kind of a community gathering spot kind of something downtown,” said Steve Schisler - Owner of Loose Brick.

After lots of note taking and reconstructing it’s now a reality. The owners strive on being a place for all ages.

“We have WIFI in here so if they have to study they can hook up their computers they can do whatever they need to too feel comfortable and if you’re not comfortable coming inside we have tables outside we have thought of almost everything we could think of,” said Pam Schisler - Owner of Loose Brick.

You can keep updated with Loose Brick Coffee through their Facebook.

The most recent opening is a true family tradition. LA Seafood Market was sparked after a bit of pushing from family.

“They own a seafood market and a big business and they pushed me for the last couple years thinking that a good quality market in this area would work,” said Brian Potter - Owner of LA Seafood Market.

Now their doors are opened and their hopes are high for their location here in Ozark.

“Just to grow to grow and provide everything that people in the area want we’re going to try and have stuff from the high end the more expensive type fishes and crab and some of your more economical type stuff,” said Potter.

You can keep updated with LA Seafood Market through their Facebook.

Ozark is also waiting on the completion of a Dollar General and Firehouse Subs as well.

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