Bugs found in Dothan High School lunch

“However the fresh fruit was never in contact with the cooked items until the students received them. So we cant say for sure how that happened,” Tonya Grier, child nutrition program director said.
Published: Nov. 4, 2020 at 7:23 PM CST
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A photo of a Dothan City School lunch tray has gained a lot of attention on Facebook. Not your typical social media attraction but once you see you’ll understand why.

A picture is worth a thousand words and in this instance it most definitely was.

We received photos and videos of students lunches at Dothan High School. Original reports stated maggot were found in the food.

“Someone to laugh and to think that it was funny it was not funny at all. She reported it and nothing was done about it, not even another meal, nothing else to replace that meal. For her to text me and to say that she was hungry, that’s totally unacceptable anywhere, not just school but anywhere," anonymous parent said.

The Houston County Health Department and child nutrition director for Dothan City Schools did investigate the case.

“This is just one of those deals where you have a hand picked fruit that was stored in boxes and together and it might not have been but one or two that actually started the entire problem. But because it is packaged together and stored together it probably is a little easier to spread over time," Corey Kirkland, administrator for the Southeastern district (Houston County Health Department) said.

The health department did follow up with a site visit where the problem was identified.

“We did identify that it was probably in the fresh fruit. However the fresh fruit was never in contact with the cooked items until the students received them. So we cant say for sure how that happened," Tonya Grier, child nutrition program director said.

A problem parents are saying is unacceptable, many now bringing their own lunch to school.

“If the kids see it why didn’t anybody in the cafeteria working or one of the workers see it? Why wasn’t anything done? If you knew it was there why wasn’t it replaced? Something needs to be done. That’s the only thing I’m asking and these children need an apology cause there the ones who are suffering," anonymous parent said.

The contaminated food was disposed of.

“I know one student did return their plate and we offered another plate and they refused. So I cant speak to a specific situation but I can tell you that if it’s brought to our attention we do as a general rule offer a replacement,” Grier said.

If you have questions the health department encourages parents to contact the school and ask how they prepare and handle meals. If you have questions on inspections you can contact the Houston County Health Department at 334-678-2815.

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