The story of the ghost from the Dothan Riot

Published: Oct. 30, 2020 at 2:39 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -The Dothan Riot illustrated on the corner of Main and Saint Andrews Streets actually happened in that exact spot 131 years ago.

It was all triggered when the city imposed a tax on commercial carts.

“Stringer was the one that just thought he did not have to pay the taxes. He was exempt and so there was a tension,” says Webb Paranormal Group cofounder Teresa Fikes.

George stringer managed the farmer’s alliance and thought the tax was unfair to farmers who wanted to haul their cotton to gins.

His stubbornness led to his arrest by Marshal Toby Domingus where stringer was struck by a club.

Stringer was found guilty but appealed the case and took out a warrant for Domingus and a deputy for assault with attempt to murder.

A few days later, Stringer’s brother ran into Domingus and exchanged some not so nice words.

“Which Toby Domingus having the reputation that he had he wasn’t going to take it, so he retaliated with some insults of his own and it just escalated from there,” says Fikes.

The brother was struck with the club repeatedly and knocked down just in time for George Stringer to witness.

“Then pistols were drawn and they were just shooting out. There was a crowd of people several people were hit,” says Fikes.

Many were wounded. Two died. One of those people was George Stringer.

Fisks says when something tragic like this happens, it leaves residual energy.

“Now the story that is rumored is that you can see a man dressed in 1800s periods clothing that is walking the streets. He doesn’t say anything to you. It’s just he’s patrolling the streets. The rumor has it is that he’s still protecting Dothan. Because Toby Domingus took his job seriously and he was all for Dothan,” says Fikes.

So if you’re walking or driving through downtown late at night you may see the ghostly figure, but don’t be afraid. Toby Domingus is just making sure that everybody is safe

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