Spirits in the Rawls

Published: Oct. 27, 2020 at 6:10 PM CDT
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The Rawls is one of the most well-known restaurants in Enterprise, but some people may not know about the ghosts that reportedly roam the historic place.

117 years, that’s how long the Rawls has been standing.

Many people have passed through its doors, and plenty of them have had encounters with spirits.

“There’s a cabinet in my office that never opens like ever,” said Office manager for Rawls Restaurant Magen Cafiero. “I’ve worked here since January and it’s has slid open twice and the first time, I was really busy so I just kind of shut it and thought about it after the fact.”

Magen’s encounters are as recent as last week when she brought her daughter to work.

“She wanted to go play with the kids and I told her there’s no kids and she argued with me and by the time we got over to the stairs they stopped so now she refuses to come up here,” Magen added.

Did you believe those stories?

“No,” Magen said. “I’m not - I’m not into ghosts – I’m not into any of that.”

So safe to say you believe those stories now.

“Yes,” Magen finished. “I don’t go in the basement alone. Never.”

Magen is not alone with her bizarre encounters.

“I was in the ladies room and the door knob was jiggling and I was saying I’ll be right out ‘I was washing my hands’ and I could hear two little girls giggling and when I opened the door nobody was there and there were no children in the restaurant that night,” said Navigator Development Group Inc. Director of Communications and Corporate Reporter LeAnn Capps.

LeAnn has worked at the Rawls for several years and has heard several stories about the spirits traveling the halls, but two ghosts particular stand out the most.

“Japheth Rawls because we believe he’s the elderly gentleman who overlooks the property and then when we had the psychic from Minnesota she kept saying that the woman’s name was Margaret and they did leave the hotel to Margaret when Japheth and his wife Elizabeth passed”

The restaurant and hotel have seen a few owners during its existence--its current owner vividly remembers one experience.

“It was on a Tuesday night and we come up here or we were used to come up here quite a bit for family night,” Son of the Owners of the Rawls Sam Gay. “My son he went from playing around to sitting in my wife’s lap and his behavior totally changed. After a few minutes he finally told us that there was an older gentleman standing here by the steps that was making faces at him.”

Those closest to the Rawls agree, the eerie experiences give the building character and they’ll more than likely continue to happen with each passing year.

“There’s been a lot of things that have happened that the building absorbs it and some people may just not want to leave,” Gay finished. “One day I might end up on haunting this building.”

If you would like to experience the Rawls yourself, they are open from 5 to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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