Dothan City Schools to hold trial virtual day October 30th

Published: Oct. 27, 2020 at 3:33 PM CDT
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As Houston Ccovid-19 risk indicator changes from moderate to high risk, many schools and businesses are starting to take extra precautions.

Covid-19 has caused issues for schools state wide. Whether it be due to quarantining or a shortage of staff, all problems that could lead to a shut down.

“The problem that we all have is as public school systems is the lack of substitutes and so when you have to combine classes one, you diminish the quality of instruction that you’re able to offer plus you pack more kids in the classroom you’re less able to provide the social distancing that’s necessary,” Dennis Coe, Dothan City Schools acting superintendent said.

Dothan City Schools will hold a trial virtual day for Dothan Prep and Dothan High students.

This will allow DCS to improve in different areas now to prepare for any forced closure in the future.

“Hearing a lot of the trends nation wide about the virus spiking, I felt like it was a good opportunity for us to step back and gage where we are in the event if we had to do something. We have to look at band width restrictions, we have to look at maybe the time that we could stream instruction so we wouldn’t bog down our system. We certainly don’t want to start something and then have it crash," Coe said.

DCS had students and their families take a technology needs survey and will be providing students with a hot spot and internet device if needed.

“Some our devices with built in internet have not arrived yet. So we still have enough portable hotspots that we can use, the data on those hotspots limit so we want to be able to more accurately gage how much of that hotspot is needed throughout the day," Coe said.

w=With flu season approaching, this will give the district time to evaluate virtual instruction from the student and teacher perspective.

“We may able to through this exercise to be able to identify we can livestream say 35 minutes before we hit a data max for the district. So that’s the kind of number were looking for. It helps make us more prepared to put out a higher quality product," Coe said.

The trial virtual day will take place this Friday, October 30th.

Students and families are encouraged to use the DCS technology help desk by calling 334-793-1138.

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