Pea River Historical Society uncovers newest piece of history

Pea River Historical Society
Pea River Historical Society(Nick Brooks)
Published: Oct. 15, 2020 at 9:42 PM CDT
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The Pea River Historical Society in Enterprise is known for piecing together history in Enterprise and Coffee County.

It has history all over its walls but one of their latest discoveries could have your family name in it.

“The book contains the burial records of I would say hundreds of family members when you look at the book and the size of it,” said Pea River Historical Society President Doug Bradley.

The book comes from Boyd’s Funeral Home in Enterprise and has those who were buried by them between April of 1939 and December of 1958.

“It fills in an open gap in the information that they may have. Say I didn’t know the burial date, I didn’t know all of the family members, this book would contain that.”

Some of the records as detailed as to what they were wearing the day they were laid to rest.

This book even hits close to home for Doug.

“I found some of my family members here. One of the first family members that I found was a younger brother that was that was approximately three years younger than me when he was born and only lived one day. I have an aunt that is recorded here and then I have an uncle who is recorded here.”

Information he would not have known about otherwise.

“It really gave me some insight as to what they died from, where they lived, some family members that maybe I didn’t know.”

The book is open to the public.

For more information on the Pea River Historical Society visit their website.

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