Waiting for Wishes - Hayden Farmer

Published: Sep. 24, 2020 at 11:03 AM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Many Make-A-Wish kids have dreams of visiting places across the country and around the world.

Unfortunately, this year, those wishes are on hold because of the pandemic.

Last fall Ashley Brown covered a “be the match” campaign held by Wicksburg High School for a special student named Hayden to find her perfect bone marrow transplant match.

She’s still waiting to find that match and now she’s also waiting on her wish.

“I like to play with my cats, spend time with my family, and go shopping,” says Hayden Farmer.

Hayden spends most of her time cheering on the Wickburgs Pdiagnosedanthers and winning pageant crowns, but when she was diagnoed with fanconi anemia a year ago, trips to local and distant hospitals were added to her schedule.

Her cells do not replicate like a normal person’s so as she goes she goes through life they have to monitor closely to look for cancer cells.

The rare genetic disorder calls for yearly bone marrow biopsies and aspiration treatments to check for luekemia cells.

But when she learned Make-A-Wish offered her a wish, she was able to take her mind off needles and treatments.

“I was very excited and immediately I knew what I wanted. I wished to go to New York.”

A dream destination for a mini-shopaholic and a plane trip to somewhere other than the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

While trips are common wishes, in light of the pandemic travel wishes are not being honored.

Wish kids were given the chance to pick another wish or wait.

But Hayden’s heart is set on visiting the big apple.

“I’m waiting patiently.”

She does have some special requests; she wants to go when it’s snowing and make a stop at the Statue of Liberty.

Hayden is who got the wish but seeing her show relief is a dream come true for her parents.

“It’s amazing that there’s an organization like this that helps families. At least we know that there will be a certain time where she will be able to have a good time and hopefully not worry about her what her road is.”

The hope is that everyone in the Wiregrass continues to keep the phones ringing for the Wishes Can’t Wait 2020 Telethon so Hayden can make a trip to the Big Apple.

Hayden says she has plenty of jackets so she’s not worried about the cold weather.

But again getting her to New York, will take the help of the Wiregrass.

Remember some wishes can’t wait.

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