Enterprise dedicates newest downtown mural

Published: Sep. 22, 2020 at 11:12 PM CDT
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The city of Enterprise has dedicated the second of three murals downtown.

The mural painted in downtown Enterprise is more than just painting, it represents history that many in the area hold near and dear to their heart.

“A lot of military people came out of Fort Rucker when they retired they stayed here and they have fit right in to our community and it is very important to us because as they came into our community they made themselves just as we are,” said Enterprise Mayor William E. Cooper.

For Major General David Francis, the representation is a big part of his past.

"Looking at this mural is like looking at a part of our lives,' said Commanding General of Fort Rucker Major General David Francis. “The 31 years in the military is truly an honor to Fort Rucker to be on a rise in this fashion.”

However, a theme of unity also stands out.

“This mural represents the partnership between Enterprise, Alabama and Fort Rucker and what stands out to me the most is what the artist has done in terms of bringing out people as the focal point of this mural,” Francis added.

Watching it from start to finish left soldiers awestruck.

“We got some snapshots as it progressed and its truly amazing what the artist was able to do and bringing out people as the priority not only for this mural but how we feel about our soldiers and families at Fort Rucker and the people of Enterprise,” Francis continued.

Depending on who you are, you may even see something different--for the artist, it’s about making connections.

“We love to be a part of public arts for the very reason that we get to interact with people from the street a lot of people came out today to be a part of the ribbon-cutting and dedication of the mural, a lot of new people that have never seen the mural before and we look forward to having people come just to see it,” Artist Wes Hardin finished.

The city is looking to start on the last of three murals within the next year.

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