Girard Intermediate students participate in Pinwheels for Peace

Published: Sep. 21, 2020 at 3:20 PM CDT
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Girard Intermediate school in d\Dothan is more colorful as students created messages that will “spin” their thoughts and feelings on peace.

More than 234 Girard Intermediate students are partaking in an international project by planting a pinwheel and imagining whirled peace.

Peace comes in multiple forms depending on who you’re talking to but to one third grader at Girard Intermediate, peace is what he hopes to accomplish.

“I wrote be grateful and be a peacemaker and be responsible," 3rd grader at Girard Intermediate said.

The International Day of Peace is more than just creating the pinwheels.

“Parents do that at home as well and were just picking up where children learn things from their parents at home. We want to reiterate what it means to be peaceful and get along with each other and how much better it makes your life when you can be kind and be nice to one another just makes a world a better place," Karen Jackson, 3rd grade teacher at Girard Intermediate said.

It’s allowing students to express themselves.

“I thought, I want to go put mine out there," 3rd grader at Girard Intermediate said.

While understanding the true meaning behind the project.

“It’s something that we have to do every day in school and at home," 3rd grader at Girard Intermediate said.

In hopes that when the student sees their pinwheel spin, the message sticks.

“But then they also get to think about it while they’re coloring and they’re writing and they’re using their hands to help them make a pinwheel. It’s just a fun way that just sticks in your brain what world peace means," Jackson said.

This is the second year that Girard Intermediate has participated in pinwheels for peace and it won’t be the last time.

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