A local wood sculptor takes his talents to Food Networks Halloween Wars

Published: Sep. 11, 2020 at 5:09 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Chad Gainey spends his day carving wood sculptures but as the seasons change into fall, so do the objects he carves.

“Around Halloween time it’s just kind of a natural progression once I started carving wood to carve pumpkins and try to incorporate some non-traditional methods into carving those pumpkins like doing 3D faces and taking them and dissecting them apart and putting them back together to build basically sculptures out of pumpkin,” said Chad Gainey - Halloween Wars participant.

After some coaxing from his wife, Chad took his talents to the big stage. By applying for Season 6 of Food Networks Halloween Wars.

After not making it as far as he would’ve like, he knew he needed to return for redemption. This time with more confidence for Season 10.

“So when they accept you on the show and you find out that you are going to be on the show you have no idea on who your teammates are going to be they pair you up according to how I think they think is the best fit and I was very lucky to get two very talented teammates this year,” said Gainey.

If you have caught any past Halloween War episodes, you may wonder if time is the biggest challenge. Chad himself would say that no doubt it is.

“You’re working against the clock to create these incredible almost in your mind it seems almost like unobtainable task of creating this huge piece of art but luckily you’ve got two other teammates that are also very good at what they do and it all just comes together,” said Gainey.

With all of the competitiveness aside, Chad says it is all truly rewarding.

“I guess your first feelings when you step back and look at your piece and it’s all together and everybody’s medium the sugar the cake and the pumpkin it’s just kind of blended together and there is this awesome scene and you just look at it and feel proud and you’re like yeah we nailed that and then you look across at your competitors and theirs is equally as good and then you kind of get that gut drop feeling like even though ours is good is it good enough," said Gainey.

You can catch Chad on Season 10 of Halloween Wars when it premieres on Sunday September 13th at 8PM ET on Food Network.

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