Another mural in downtown Enterprise almost complete

Published: Sep. 8, 2020 at 6:53 PM CDT
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The City of Progress is continuing the beautification of downtown Enterprise one mural at a time.

After hundreds of hours prepping and painting, the second of three murals in downtown is almost complete.

“We started this about 2 1/2 weeks ago,” said Artist Wes Hardin. “We started getting the wall ready, doing some patchwork and we put a couple coats of primer on it before we started the mural project.”

The process before the actual paint goes on the wall is much more thorough, spending long hours in a studio working out the little details.

“It really comes down to just reference points,” Hardin explained. “Up here what happens is you don’t forget so much what you’re paining as that you don’t know where you’re at, so you constantly have to look back at your references and your drawings.”

While working, Hardin says the biggest challenge he is facing does not have to do with painting or prepping.

“This time of year, obviously it’s the heat,” Hardin added. “We’ve had some good weather; we’ve had some days where there’s thunderstorms pop up and shut you down and you have to pack it all up and go home.”

When commissioning the mural, the city wanted to pay tribute to local history.

“Our role in this mural was to tell the story of Camp Rucker to Fort Rucker and we are very appreciative with our neighbors at Fort Rucker and we wanted to display that,” said Enterprise Tourism Director Tammy Doerer.

The city hopes the mural will encourage more people to stop and discover what else Main Street has to offer.

“Definitely help encourage people to come down whether it’s just to look at the mural and take pictures of it or with it and the murals definitely increase our foot traffic downtown and encourage more people to walk around and explore,” said Main Street Enterprise Director Cassidi Kendrick.

Hardin believes the subject of the mural will be one that resonates with the community.

“The people that you interact with in public art. You meet people they come up and share their story and talk about why whatever story you’re telling is important to them and their history with it and you meet a lot of local people that get their personal ownership in the project.”

The city is set to dedicate the new mural in the coming weeks.

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