Wiregrass educator teaching herself to better teach her students

Published: Sep. 4, 2020 at 4:19 PM CDT
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One Wiregrass educator has taken matters into her own hands, teaching herself so she can better teach her students.

When classrooms went virtual last year, Laura Stratton wanted to make sure her students were getting the best education possible.

“In the spring, I realized I needed to reach my children and so I started researching on YouTube and found out about Google suites and all it could do,” said Windham teacher Laura Stratton.

Tools that could take that virtual learning to the next level.

“You can make slides, you can put forms in, YouTube is also part of Google and you can put all of those into a slideshow and then there is also sites where I can make a web page for parents so that I can keep in contact with parents,” Laura explained.

Stratton looked over the 13 google modules and took the three-hour certification test to become google certified.

“I can make it as simplified as I can for the students, and I can also walk the parents through,” Laura continued. “I am going to be making videos showing them exactly how to get through Schoology which is the program we are using along with Google to educate their children virtually.”

The modules have taught Stratton how to limit distractions students might face while on a computer—and her students are not the only ones benefiting.

“We actually went around and did Google training for all of the teachers,” Laura finished. “Taught them how to use Google forms, make Google slides, we helped teachers make Google sites for the virtual meet the teacher.”

Laura is now working on her level 2 certification to help train other teachers at Windham.

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