Dr. Edwards answers frequently asked questions concerning upcoming school year

Dothan City Schools prepare for any shutdown or outbreak with reopening plan
Dothan City Schools prepare for any shutdown or outbreak with reopening plan(Source: WTVY)
Published: Sep. 2, 2020 at 7:46 PM CDT
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Dothan City Schools are less than a week away from their first day back in the classroom but there are still so many unanswered questions for what this school year will hold.

Dothan City School administration is doing everything in their power to keep students and staff safe this school year that includes purchasing 23 thermal camera imaging systems that will detect individuals who have a fever.

“We’re educators again and so while we can tell someone to go home and if you have symptoms stay home, you cant control the environment 24/7 so I also cant make people get a test, I can’t ask for the results so we all have to work together,” Phyllis Edwards, superintendent for Dothan City Schools said.

But even the newest technology cant stop COVID-19 from spreading. The Dothan wolves football team knows that first-hand, being sidelined for two weeks.

“We will like I said get the word out early now, I expect that as far as the teams are concerned coach Grider is doing his part with the students. As they’ve been practicing and that kind of thing and so I would expect that they’re the one who are going to monitor there teams and the other side will monitor their team,” Edwards said.

With more than five thousand students returning to a brick and mortar setting, the ADPH guidelines could be difficult to uphold.

“We’re dealing with children, or were dealing with teenagers, we’re dealing with adolescents that are not coming into a classroom and staying put. We don’t tie them to a chair or anything so it’s one thing to have a seating chart it’s quite another thing to be in a classroom and be fluid,” Edwards said.

And with three thousand students doing virtual learning, the need for virtual teachers is critical for DCS.

“We’re looking to see if we can find people that are retired maybe for instance, if there are any students who are in the world of education maybe they’re seniors about to graduate but they are going virtual too. I would love to get some of those folks just getting ready to enter the world of education,” Edwards said.

Dothan City School students are set to start Tuesday, September 8th.

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