Dothan City Schools Looking to Hire Tutors

For those looking for a job that would like to help students succeed.
Published: Aug. 28, 2020 at 9:54 AM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY)- Dothan City School officials are creating an opportunity for more jobs within their school system that are aimed to help students in the midst of Covid-19.

Last year schools across the state ended abruptly due to Covid-19. Now Dothan City Schools are working to make sure students are up to date for the upcoming school year. They will do that by hiring part time tutors for their schools.

Dothan City Schools Public Information Officer, Meagan Dorsey, talked about what the tutors can provide for the students.

She said, “We did have these closures that our schools faced and it was really difficult on some of our students so we want to make sure we can get these tutors who can meet them where they are and provide them with this extra educational tool so that way they can continue to succeed and continue to do well in our classroom.”

Although you aren’t required to have an educational background, there are a few requirements for the job.

Dothan Preparatory Academy Principal Scott Faulk said, “We’re looking for someone who loves to work with children we’re looking for someone that can help children reach their potential, we are looking for someone who wont place a ceiling on a child or a cap on the child and say this is as far as you can go. "

When the tutoring will take place is up to officials at each school. Principal Scott Faulk would like to provide tutoring during school hours.

A certified teacher can make up to $15 an hour and others can make $11-12 an hour. Each position is no more than 19 hours a week.

“These positions would be payed out of our ESSR funds, which is our Elementary Secondary School Relief funds so it is a part of us you know doing a little backup for you know what happened with Covid.”

There are two tutoring positions available in each elementary school, four at Dothan Prepratory School and four at Dothan High School.

“DPA is a community and we are asking for the community help if you fit those categories that were fore-mentioned please apply,” Faulk said.

You can apply for the tutoring position at the link provided here.

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