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WTVY Election Headquarters
WTVY Election Headquarters(Source: WTVY)
Published: Aug. 25, 2020 at 9:59 AM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Many towns and cities across the state are holding municipal elections Tuesday.

Some cities like Dothan and Montgomery do not have municipal elections this year.

Polls are open until 7:00 PM. To find out where to vote in your city, call your local town hall or town clerk’s office.

[ Click here to see election results from the Alabama Municipal Election after 7:00 PM. ]

WTVY Reporters will also have extensive coverage of the most hotly contested races across the area.

If a district/place is missing from the list below, it means either the position was not up for an election or only a single candidate qualified for the race.

The following cities will host municipal elections with the candidates for each position listed.

Houston County


  • Mayor - Carole Barfield, Gary Gibson
  • Place 2 - Ronnie L. Whitehead, Benji McWaters
  • Place 3 - Alan Anderson, Gerald L. Williams
  • Place 4 - Terry A. Smith, Blake Rosenkoetter
  • Place 5 - Jimmy R. Weems, James Edward Smith, Richard Bolden


  • Mayor - Rhonda B. Freeman, Robert L. Hunter, Jessie Ingram


  • Mayor - James Coachman, Garrett Lorton
  • District 3 - Jimmy Windsor (Thacky), Linda W. Smith
  • District 4 - Calvin Van Granger, Grady Morris Adams


  • Place 1 - Marcus Davis, John Langley Tyson
  • Place 2 - Jerry Kelly, Debbie Somma

Geneva County


  • Mayor - John Hughes, Greg Adams, David Hayes
  • District 1 - Rufus Lee (i), Charlie Harris
  • District 2 - Freddy McCoy (i), Tashara Martinestz
  • District 3 - Charles W. Fleming Jr., Kimberly Wesley Gillespie
  • District 4 - Ryan Tidwell (i), Jason Gerstner, Raymond Terry
  • District 6 - Joe Buchinsky, Hobie L. Dixon, Mike Fountain
  • District 7 - Mike Bryan, Daniel L. Coleman, Todd Mote


  • Mayor - Wendel Nolen, Neil Strickland
  • District 1 - Melissa Clements, Larry Hillard, Sr.
  • District 2 -Debbie Neal, Roy Smith, Ted Thompson, Lester Williams, Jr.
  • District 3 - Trey Enfinger, Zane Fowler, Ken Hales, Ashley Tate
  • District 4 - Paul Blount, Brandon Watford


  • Place 1 - Tony Davis (i), Scotty Shelton
  • Place 2 - Joe T Myles (i), Nicky Devane
  • Place 4 - Don White, Lisa Sconiers
  • Place 5 - Travis J Garrett (i), Tim Hatcher


  • Mayor - Tom Vickers (i), Milton (Jimmy) Harris
  • Place 5 - Barbara Williams, James (Jamie) Conner, Jasmine Robinson


  • Place 4 - Heath Chancey, Ed Janansky

Dale County


  • Mayor - Bob Bunting (i), Mark Blankenship, Chaddwick Crews, and Dion Robinson
  • Place 1 - Frank Garret (i), Leah Harlow and Rachel Hauser
  • Place 4 - Brenda Simechak (i) and Steve Price
  • Place 5 - Stanley Enfinger (i) and Frankey Peterman


  • Mayor - Jayme Stayton (i), Charles Wigglesworth
  • Council Seats - Scott Moore (i), Bobby R. Hardrick (i), Katheryne Magwood Horace (i), Alicia “Jo” Reese (i), Alan Souders (i), Joel Adams, Jimmy Monk, James Roberts, Frank Sanders, Kevin Turley
  • For Daleville City Council, the top five vote-getters will be elected to fill the five city council seats.

Level Plains

  • Mayor - Ronnie Thompson, James “J.R.” Cambron
  • Place 1 - Peter Willingham, Gary McDaniel
  • Place 2 - Thomas Bury, Franke Carbone, James Maxey
  • Place 3 - Jordan Despres, Melinda Ready Achman
  • Place 4 - Philip Waters, Randall Graham
  • Place 5 - Gregory Eldridge, James Bullinger

Coffee County


  • Mayor - Bill Cooper (i), Bill Baker, Lister Reeves, Perry Vickers
  • District 1 - Sonya Rich (i), Reiders White Jr., and Jerrold Whitehurst
  • District 2 - Eugene Goolsby (i) and LaQuilla Stoudmire
  • District 3 - Danny Bradley, James Brown, Les Hogan, and Greg Padgett

New Brockton

  • District 4 - John Courtney Campbell, Phillip Todd Askins


  • Mayor - Tim Johnson, Tom Maddox, Chelsea Cooper

Henry County


  • Mayor: Jim Giganti, Greg Grimsley, Billy Helms, Jimmy Money
  • District 1: Terry Allums, Dexter Glanton
  • District 2: Lakilya Cater, Brendt Murphy
  • District 3: Dorothy Baker, Eddie Jones
  • District 4: Rena Cosby, Vince Feggins
  • District 5: Jimmy Davis, Jr., Chris Pensinger, Betty Yoder

Barbour County


  • Mayor: Jack B. Tibbs, Jr., L.C. Green, Sara Hamm
  • District 1: Tony L. Robertson, Ben Garrison
  • District 2: Otis Hill, Jeff Robinson
  • District 4: Logan Mitchell, Kaloeb Morris, John Wayne Robinson
  • District 5: Barbara C. Flurry, Wes Register, Rosalind Skipper Rice

Covington County


  • District 1: Joe Nix, Will Sconiers
  • District 2: Kennith Mount, Michael Veasey

Pike County


  • Mayor: Tyrone Moultry, Jason Reeves
  • District 1: Robert Jones, Sharon McSwain-Holland
  • District 4: Stephanie Baker, Caleb Dawson


  • Mayor: Isabell “Fronnie” Boyd, Anthony T. Foster, Mike McNally, Jimmy Ramage, Rodney Wilson
  • District 1: Lynette Andrews, Betty Baxter, Gerald Holland, Johnny Turvin
  • District 2: Charlie Bell, Jessica Collier, Stacy Flournoy, Alexandria M. Griffin, Latisher Hall
  • District 3: Henry “Hendock” Everett, Angie Kelly, Margaret E. Ross
  • District 4: Byron Gaynor, Paula “Wilson” Hall
  • District 5: Christopher Foster, James (Sid) Jones, Marilyn “Munchie” Rodgers

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