Carroll High School students receive new chrome books

Previously used laptops will go to the middle school and elementary schools for students to use during remote learning
Published: Aug. 25, 2020 at 10:50 AM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Carroll High School students receive laptops each year in their homeroom class, but this year is a little different. Distribution for the students started Monday, August 24, since they will not meet in person for home room for another nine weeks. Instead, they will learn remotely.

Carroll High School students are receiving a brand-new chrome book they will depend on during remote learning. The old laptops are not going to waste though, they are being passed down to the middle school and elementary school students.

“The students are going to be absolutely dependent on that computer for their educational program for the first however many months of the school year,” Superintendent of Ozark City Schools. Dr. Rick McInturf said.

For students in Ozark City Schools, learning from home won’t be accomplished with take home packets. Instead they will have chrome books provided for them.

“It’s even more important than it may be in the past, but we are a one to one school,” Assistant Principal of Carroll High School, Brad Barton, said. “We have been for a while now, so we’re definitely integrated here when it comes to technology and students having chrome books, but this year it’s going to be more important because students are at home for at least the first nine weeks. So they will be utilizing that chrome book, using that chrome book to get information from their teachers, using google classroom to do their studies, activities and their work.”

The new chrome books were primarily paid for with cares money.

“Our normal procedure is to buy about 50 percent of the population at Carroll High School new chrome books every year,” Dr. McInturf said. “We buy them by grade level and roll them up each year, this year we purchased a new chrome books for every student.”

The laptops used previously will not go to waste.

“We could then fielder the additional computers down to the middle school and the two elementary schools to handle our remote learning program,” Dr. McInturf said.

This is new for the elementary schools.

“We have also never distributed personal devices to the elementary students before so that is really different and they are distributing through the remainder of this week, a grade level a day, for the remainder of this week,” Dr. McInturf said.

About 1,500 to 2,000 laptops will be distributed throughout Ozark City Schools.

“We are committed to make sure every student has access to do the learning,” Dr. McInturf said.

Seniors were the first to get their new equipment.

“We’ve broken it up into groups, seniors, junior, sophomores, and freshman, and broken that down even further based off their last names,” Barton said. “They’re coming in during those time slots to submit their paperwork, signed their contract and then to pay if they want insurance for the chrome book and to also sign out their chrome book based on the serial number and their name.”

Dr. McInturf said the Boys and Girls Club, Methodist church and a couple of day cares have isolated areas in their facility for school aged children. They are trying to support them with computers as well so the children can go into their facilities they have someone supervising and helping them through the remote process. Over 100 students will be monitored by outside community agencies; Dr. McInturf said this is fantastic.

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