A new business is blooming in the Wiregrass

Gussied Up
Gussied Up(Gussied Up)
Published: Aug. 21, 2020 at 3:56 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - The idea sparked from a vacation--

“I was in Nashville a few years ago and saw a flower truck and I thought that’s really really cool I want to do that one day,” said Lesley Marshall - Owner of Gussied Up Flower Truck.

And a little bit of help from COVID-19.

“During COVID when we were all in quarantine I would go outside and work in my yard and bring flowers in and they cheered everybody up,” said Marshall

Now Lesley Marshall’s dream is coming true with the opening of, Gussied Up Flower Truck.

She is bringing that happiness right here to the Wiregrass.

“Besides all of the stares I get with the little truck people have been so excited and that’s exactly what i wanted it to be I’ve had so many people say we needed this during this time just the smiles and just something that brings happiness to people I always have people come and just thank me and say I know this is a bad time but for a few minutes you can come and shop and put a bouquet together and just not have to worry about whats gong on in the world,” said Marshall.

Gussied Up Flower Trucks offers shoppers a chance to build their very own bouquet.

All of her flowers are priced by single stem and shipped in from all over the world.

“It takes hours to prepare the flowers I probably get 2 to 3 thousand stems a week.”

Lesley says the best part is seeing everyone experimenting with their style of flowers.

“It is fun to watch everybody put their bouquet together nobody puts the same bouquet together and I always tell everybody the little girls and the men put the best bouquet together because their not afraid to play that’s what we tell everybody just to come pick flowers play you can get as many flowers as you want as few and just put something together that you like,” said Marshall.

Not only will you catch gussied up around town. Marshall plans to create personal events.

“I want to keep doing parties and bridal showers and I’m doing business events,” said Marshall.

But her biggest goal is...

“I would love is to have a couple more Gussied Up Flower Trucks rolling around,” said Marshall.

Lesley uses a Facebook page to promote where she is setting up shop.

If you have any flower favorites that you would like to see on the truck you can also reach out to Lesley on the flower trucks Facebook page.

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