Ozark City Schools offering free lunches for entire student body

Published: Aug. 19, 2020 at 5:26 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - After looking at the numbers and making sure it was financially possible, Ozark City Schools will be offering free lunches to their whole student body.

“We think given our normal poverty ratios in our community along with what the COVID situation has done to the incomes of people in our community that Ozark has now reached that point where it will be financially possible for us to offer this program to every child in our school system,” said Dr. Rick McInturf - Superintendent of Ozark City School.

A plan four years in the making, this will make things much easier for everyone

“The holy shoe of exchanging money for the lunch program is now gone teachers are not collecting money at the beginning of every day and having to balance those books daily and then finally at the end of the school year we always have a few families that have a debt a balance due at the end of the school year then we have to become the collection agent for that and that will eliminate all of those controversies and issues,” said McInturf.

For parents, the process of filling out an application is no more.

“They don’t have to do a thing they are automatically eligible for this program because it’s available to every student in Ozark city schools,” said McInturf.

McInturf sees no end in sight for the program.

“Once we are in the program we are in it until we ask to be out so i don’t see this program really ever going away its a corner that we have turned in what we are able to provide our students,” said McInturf.

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