Enterprise mayor race - Perry Vickers

Published: Aug. 19, 2020 at 5:00 PM CDT
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Enterprise city council president Perry Vickers is seeking a new role as Enterprise's next mayor.

If elected, it's one of many titles he has held while living in the City of Progress.

"My experience as a school administrator and principal I think gives me the education and the experiences where I could be a good leader for Enterprise," Enterprise mayoral candidate Perry Vickers said.

Vickers spent nearly 40 years within the Enterprise City School System, working with students and parents, something he believes will benefit him in his next role as mayor if elected.

"Those experiences plus the fact that I am a retired Methodist minister, I've dealt with the public my entire life and I think that is a huge plus," Vickers added.

Vickers has been serving the last four years as the district three councilman for the city, the latter two holding the position of council president, another experience he says will help if nominated.

"I've learned what the problems are and having an opportunity to see how City Hall works is a huge benefit," Vickers explained.

Vickers also praises the work of the city council over the last 4 years, eliminating more than $25 million in debt for the city nearly a fourth of the overall debt.

Despite those accomplishments, he has more he would like to accomplish if elected to office.

"We need a new recreation administrative building and we also need a new what I call a multipurpose center then there are issues with the streets in Enterprise," Vickers finished.

Municipal elections will be Tuesday, August 25th.

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