Man who walks three hours to work donated a car

Published: Aug. 18, 2020 at 6:43 PM CDT
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Chase Ingram was driving down Highway 84 in Dothan when he saw a man, he didn’t know by name but recognized as an Ashford restaurant worker.

He turned around and offered 11-year army veteran Chad Shanley a ride.

“We got to talking and I asked him so why you are walking. I said do you walk for exercise. He said no. I’m walking because I have to get to work,” says Ingram.

Ingram soon learned that Shanley had been making the ten-mile walk for the past six months 5-6 times a week.

That trip in the heat takes more than 3 and a half hours. After closing the store at 11 at night he walked back home.

He’s stitched his foot twice since then.

“All I could do is keep my head up. Keep that heart right and keep going. Maybe somebody else will see later on and take example of you can’t give up. No matter how hard it gets you can’t give up,” says Chad Shanley.

Ingram, amazed by his dedication, went to Facebook to share with his friend what he just learned and asked if any of his friends would be willing to chip in and help the man out.

“There’s a lot of people out there that’s willing and capable that won’t get a job or they make excuses why they can’t work and this guy is doing everything he can to get to work,” says Ingram.

Within minutes, Ingram was flooded with messages and comments from people wanting to help the man they didn’t know.

A GoFundMe account was created and within hours over $2,000 was raised, but not even one of those dollars would be used to purchase Shanley a car.

“Between Dothan Auto Sales and Bama Tractor and Equipment we figured out that there was a car here that would fit what he needed. It ran good. It was low mileage. It was going to be reliable. As a small business we have to support small people in our community,” says Zack Gulledge of Bama Tractor and Equipment.

They donated him the car free of all charges.

“It amazed me. It’s a serious blessing. I almost lose hope for a while there. Now this happens and shows me that there are people out there that have my back even when I’m not paying attention,” says Shanley.

Ingram says if it wasn’t for a flat tire the night before running into Shanley, he would not have passed him walking to work.

Somethings we think they’re trials. Sometimes they are actually blessings. So I’m thankful for that flat tire,” says Ingram.

The $3,0000 raised on GoFundMe will go towards insurance and gas cards for Shanley.

A car reliable enough and enough gas money to get him to and from work and visit his daughter’s grave in Chicago.

Since the Facebook post was made, someone dropped a bike at Shanley’s workplace and he’s been offered two jobs.

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