Dothan Tech Automotive students receive new equipment

Wallace Community College makes it possible with grant for Snap-On Multi Meter Tool Certification Kits
Published: Aug. 18, 2020 at 5:11 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Thanks to a partnership with Wallace Community College, Dothan Tech Automotive students can now get more experience for their future career industries.

“This new equipment is going to help us out a lot,” Caleb Sullenberger, student, said.

Wallace Community College wrote a $86,000 grant for Dothan Tech Center to get their students new equipment to get hands on learning and a job ready resume.

“I have adults tell me all the time, like auto mechanics, if I could of just had this at your age then I would be so far ahead,” Cameron Payne, student, said. “So it’s really a good thing we get a jump start into our lives by doing this program.”

They received Snap-On Multi Meter Tool Certification Kits.

“What we have is really two forms of multi meters, something that everyone in the automotive industry is going to use on a day to day basis,” Joe Johnson, Director of Work Force Development for Wallace Community College. “There’s two different styles and again we want them to have the opportunity to train exactly with what they are going to see in the business and industry so hence us having two different styles of those multi-meters for them to use.”

Rolling into the second year of this program, seniors will be one step ahead of some when they soon go into the industry.

“Our first year students are now seniors so they’ll be going further into their curriculum and their shop experience and they’ll start a new batch of students as they start on their intro work,” Chris Duke, Director of Career Tech Education and Workforce Development for Dothan City Schools. “So we want to see this cycle continue and they can matriculate to Wallace to finish out a short certificate or an associate degree there and then hopefully our goal is for these students to fill in an industry need because automotive service businesses need some folks.”

The program gives students a realistic idea of the job.

“This is what’s currently being used, we want our industry to understand that what Dothan High School students are using is what you’re using in industry,” Duke said.

And allows for a smoother transition into the workforce.

“These students as they are in dual enrollment programs to have the same opportunity to train with the tools that they are going to see when they graduate it’s a great opportunity to come into the classroom to really learn the theory behind the product, if you will, transition from the lab, learn the hands on, and then from there as they transition into the workforce,” Johnson said.

Students said they are thankful for this new equipment and are ready to put it to use.

“That’s how a lot of these students learn now is hands on, some of this book work is really good and you transition that to the shop or hands on and you learn a lot,” Sullenburger said.

Dothan Tech Center’s dual enrollment program allows Wallace instructors to teach students on their own campus.

“It [the equipment] will benefit us because the more advance all these automobiles are going it’s easier to have more updated equipment and it will be easier to diagnose a lot of the electrical and false with these things,” Payne said.

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