4WARN: Tropical Update

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 4:48 PM CDT
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The tropics are continuing to have random flare ups. We have tropical storm Josephine in the far Atlantic. Not expected to reach hurricane strength or impact the US in anyway thanks to upper wind patterns that will drive the storm far away from any coastlines.


We just recently had tropical storm Kyle form off the coast of the New England states. This will also be noted as a, “fish storm” meaning it will remain offshore and not impact the US. However this does indicate that warm waters are traveling far northward, which can lead to more activity later in the season.

Peak time frame
Peak time frame(WTVY)

We are getting closer to the peak time for hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic. Tropical waves off the coast of Africa are becoming much more frequent, and will continue to be monitored. This year is still anticipated to over active. We will remain persistent on keeping track of the tropics as the weeks continue.

For now, be sure to review your hurricane safety plan, including evacuation destinations, emergency supply kits, etc.

Stay updated with the 4WARN Storm Team for all the latest updates regarding the tropcis.

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