Is it the sniffles or COVID-19? Parents have new worry when kids come home from day care

Parents are worrying about properly recognizing the signs of COVID-19 in their children.
Parents are worrying about properly recognizing the signs of COVID-19 in their children.(Source: WAFB)
Published: Aug. 13, 2020 at 10:09 AM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Parents worry about a lot of things, but a new worry has presented itself. If a child comes home with the sniffles, is it possible they have COVID-19?

Parents now have to be able to tell the difference between a common cold and the virus.

As children go back to school and day cares, parents are wondering when they should really begin to worry when their child comes home with a runny nose, considering that COVID-19 and common colds have similar symptoms.

“We are a lot more cautious now and we’re learning a lot ways to just keep things even more clean and healthier ways of just doing an everyday schedule around here with the children,” said Shelia Ringo, owner and director of Kids’ Cove Daycare & Learning Center.

Children normally see each other at day care centers and playgrounds, and they’re bound to share some germs. Since a common cold has some of the same symptoms as COVID-19, how can parents tell the difference? Dr. Matt Bumgardner practices family medicine at Baton Rouge General (BRG); he says there are certain symptoms that are more in common with COVID-19.

“Some of the ones that we have seen that are specific towards COVID-19 is loss of taste and smell, as well as particular rashes, discoloration of skin, in addition to the other symptoms,” the doctor said.

Daycares are taking extra precautions to keep the children they watch over safe. Kids’ Cove Daycare & Learning Center cleans regularly, supervisors are encouraging children to play with their own toys, and to socially distance from one another. These new rules put some parents at ease.

“With this place being open with everything going on, it’s just been so extremely helpful and they are very cautious with everything. I feel a 100 percent confident in bringing her here that I don’t have to worry about anything going on and if she’s in a safe environment,” said Shannon Hewitt, who has a 5-year-old who attends the Kids’ Cove Daycare & Learning Center.

Doctors do encourage parents to check in with their child’s pediatrician if they’re experiencing symptoms that have lasted more than a day or two. Also, doctors say parents should continue to teach their children to practice good hygiene to keep them germ free, and if their child is experiencing any symptoms to let their day care know so staff members can inform other parents.

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