Nurses from Wallace get pinned and ready to hit the hospitals

Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 12:04 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- After concerns of having no ceremony at all due to the pandemic, Wallace Community College nursing students finally got the recognition they have been waiting for.

When COVID-19 hit and schools shut down, spring and summer nursing students were not sure if they would be able to have a graduation ceremony.

Summer graduates were not even sure if they would finish nursing school in the summer.

“I was worried about the summer if we didn’t have a certain number of clinical hours, we couldn’t graduate due to the state boards regulations,” said R.N. Jamesen Plyant. “Thankfully, the hospitals were very gracious, but it was a big concern that we had done all this, and it would get pushed back even farther than we wanted it to.”

For Jamesen, completion still has not kicked in.

“It’s still kind of doesn’t feel real,” Jamesen said. “I took my last final yesterday so I was nervous about that because it kind of determined whether or not I would be here and I finished and I thought about what I was doing do next semester.”

For her, there will not be a next semester as she heads off to the real world at a time where heroes like her are needed most.

“It’s a little nerve-racking obviously I think anybody would tell you that, but it is something that you sign up for going in healthcare,” Jamesen continued. “You know that something like this could happen and you just have to be ready for it.”

She will be taking this pandemic head on in less than two weeks.

"I will be starting work on the cardiac floor at Southeast. I start orientation the 17th and after that I'll get put on the floor with a preceptor and I'll eventually work my way up to being on my own."

Associate Dean of Health Sciences Kathy Buntin has some advice for Jamesen and her fellow graduates.

"We've all got to take care of ourselves, we've got to relax, we've got to share time with others and not focus only on the job and we hope these graduates will do that as they go out," Buntin finished.

64 R.N.‘s and 64 LPN’S were pinned on Wednesday.

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