Fort Rucker’s elementary school is ready to reopen after construction

Published: Jul. 30, 2020 at 5:47 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - As schools begin to reopen this fall, Fort Rucker children will be returning to a brand new school.

DODEA made sure they did not leave out any aspect of learning when designing the school.

“What the kids need now they need to learn how to brainstorm how to collaborate how to have conversations how to think outside the box and so we provide a environment with a school like this that allows for that,” say Vicki Gilmer - Principal.

From your typical music class to gym class, Fort Rucker’s new elementary school will allow students to learn as they walk the halls.

“I think in the past we had a lot of isolated learning where kids would learn a concept and then let it go but that’s not what the environment is about it’s that I learn a concept and I see it in action and then it makes sense to me and i understand it better,” says Gilmer.

Tying in the interactive boards throughout the school showing how they are saving energy with their solar panel and wind mill.

“We really talk about energy efficiency and instead of that being a unit that they learn once a week we are modeling it with this facility so they really have the opportunity to see their learning in action,” said Gilmer.

While for some kids school can be a little overwhelming, with the new layout of the school students will no longer feel isolated.

“We want kids to have had that connection to our school and to our staff but also to have that feeling that I’m not just in this classroom with this group of kids this is my entire neighborhood I’m a fifth grader and this is my fifth grade community and I can speak to this teacher if i need help or this teacher if I need help I can work with this child or this child so the whole feel is that we are all in this together we are a team and this is my entire community,” said Gilmer.

With the school being located in the home of Army Aviation it was only fitting for the design to be embody aircraft.

Most importantly the name of the school will be named after the god father of aviation retired Lt. Gen. Ellis D. Parker.

“Everything about this school the architectural design it does it inspires thoughts of aviation and we are excited because we have the perfect namesake for the school the godfather of Army Aviation and we have a school here that really inspires service to aviation,” said Col. Whitney Gardner - Garrisson Commander.

Fort Rucker officials say they could not think of no finer person as the namesake for the school.

LTG(R) Ellis D. Parker Elementary School will begin class on August 24TH.

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