Boy Scouts attend Camp Alaflo

Published: Jul. 28, 2020 at 7:16 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) --

In order to keep everyone healthy and safe, Boy Scouts of America's annual camp at Camp Alaflo has made a few new changes.

Scouts and staff alike are required to take temperature checks and wear masks when not socially distanced, but they are not letting that ruin the fun.

“I wouldn’t say it’s affected the experience all too much,” said Boy Scout with Troop 106 Rider Wylly. “It’s still the same camp Alaflo just with a few masks on.”

Many have gone months with little to no activity, the camp is a chance for them to enjoy the great outdoors.

"Our biggest thing this year is really getting people out to get out of the house a little bit because they've been cooped up for such a long time and we just want them to enjoy the scouting experience," said Camp Alaflo Camp Director Joe Maxwell.

In addition to masks and temperature checks, the staff is sanitizing high touch areas like the shotgun range. The camp has even changed the dining experience.

"We are delivering food in the morning where we usually eat in the trading post and then in the evening we are eating in shifts which really helps out and is able to spread people out and not be so close together," Maxwell added.

Despite new rules and regulations, the scouts are not seeing a change in the amount of fun they are having.

“It’s been super fun,” said Boy Scout with Troop 38 Daniel Simmons. “I’ve been taking many different merit badge classes and just being taught valuable skills that I’ll use in the rest of my life.”

“In all the classes you learn a lot and canoeing and kayaking and rowing is no different,” Wylly continued. “You learned a ton and especially a lot of life lessons and skills.”

It is all thanks to a staff of nearly 40 members who have made the experience possible.

“They are enjoying it,” Maxwell finished. “They’ve been out here for almost 2 weeks now and we’re just glad they’re here and they are able to help out and help these scouts move through their advancement.”

The camp will run through Saturday.

Troops as far north as Auburn and as far south as Blountstown are attending the camp.

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