Dothan City Schools ask parents and staff for input on reopening

Dothan City Schools prepare for any shutdown or outbreak with reopening plan
Dothan City Schools prepare for any shutdown or outbreak with reopening plan(Source: WTVY)
Published: Jul. 27, 2020 at 6:07 PM CDT
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It has been almost a month since Dothan City Schools released its plan to re-open under COVID-19 but now with numbers still rising the school board has decided to re-evaluate asking parents and staff for help.

With the original start date of school only 3 weeks away, Dothan City Schools is asking for their staff and families input.

A survey was posted with four different options - so far there have been four thousand three hundred and thirty one responses.

“So the one that comes in first so far is to delay opening til after labor day and that was 1,711. The one that comes in 2nd is open but just do virtually and that was 1500. The third one was just open, open as usual and so far we have 757. Where half of the building would go to school on Monday and Tuesday and the other half would go on Wednesday/Thursday and we would clean on Friday, that one no one likes really, that’s 363 right now,” Dothan City School superintendent, Dr. Phyllis Edwards said.

Dr. Edwards has heard of situations where individuals not involved with DCS are voting for options.

”Quite frankly that’s just wrong like is aid people have their agendas, I know that’s out there but this is something that I really was trying to make an effort to get the detail from people that are going to be personally affected,” Edwards said.

Just because one option may have the most results wont determine the outcome of the school boards decision. Why they are taking this into consideration when a decision is made and stressing the importance of the survey.

“I’m going to look at it, I’m going to use it as another piece of information. I just hope that they would respond because we are trying to make the effort and I just would like people to know that we are being very very careful and we want to continue to be careful with how we move forward,” Edwards said.

DCS did ask parents about a mask mandate in the survey - 3,413 wanting mandatory masks and 918 not.

The survey closes Wednesday July, 29th. On Thursday July, 30th a special called board meeting will be held. Dr. Edwards is expected to make a recommendation to the board based on survey results.

Edwards hopes a decision will be made as the start of school quickly approaches.

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