Dothan City Schools approve new social media policy for employees

Dothan City Schools prepare for any shutdown or outbreak with reopening plan
Dothan City Schools prepare for any shutdown or outbreak with reopening plan(Source: WTVY)
Published: Jul. 20, 2020 at 8:14 PM CDT
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The Dothan City School board approved a policy they have never had before. A new social media policy means new changes for Dothan City School employees, but why you might ask?

“If you look at a lot of districts across the nation, social media policies is nothing new especially in this tech-savvy world that were working in now. We want to make sure that were not only providing protection for our school districts but also for our employees and for our students,” Meagan Dorsey, Dothan City School public information officer said.

DCS has had issues with social media posts in the past, when a former Dothan High School coach posted messages related to George Floyd’s death. But Dothan City Schools said this policy was a long time coming.

“Timing was to actually work on this policy earlier in the year but covid hit and unfortunately this is where timing has landed. So it does sometimes it does seem like it’s reactionary but we have been working on a plan this year just unfortunately it came at the wrong time,” Dorsey said.

The policy will extend to school sponsored, school related and personal social media accounts. Although DCS will not actively monitor personal accounts, if unlawful acts are brought to the boards attention, the employee may face disciplinary action.

“Within our policy we do say that employees who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. So that would be up to the investigation by our personnel department,” Dorsey said.

Employees should not have online interactions with current district students. Whether that be a friend or a follow, outside of academic use it wont be allowed.

“These are things even if we didn’t have this policy you would know that you’re expected to act in a high regard and represent the district as well as not sharing personal identifying information for our students,” Dorsey said.

DCS also encourages teachers and staff to use caution when friending parents of students.

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