Steve Torres takes his passion for flying to new heights

Published: Jul. 17, 2020 at 8:22 PM CDT
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From the Air Force to a flying instructor, one man is taking his love for flying to new heights.

“It’s one of those things once you experience it and you are in control of the airplane it’s like nothing else. It’s this whole other level of freedom and it never gets old,” Steve Torres said.

But just flying a plane wasn’t enough for Steve Torres, he had to build his own.

“Well it’s a Van’s Aircraft RV-7 its one of 9 different models that they make from what I understand there’s more than 10,000 kit planes flying around the world. So it’s one of the most popular experimental kit aircraft,” Torres said.

After being in the Air Force and spending 14 years active duty and 6 years in the reserve, Torres wanted a reminder of why he fell in love with flying all over again.

“Made me realize how much fun flying was and how I forgot about it and so it brings me back to my roots and remembering those days when flying was really fun. Because when you fly as a career sometimes it can get kind of tiring, doing the same old thing and this really just brought that fire back,” Torres said.

Designing an aircraft that is fully aerobatic and can go ’s and minus 3G’s but for those who don’t understand that lingo, let’s break it down.

“You and I standing here are experiencing 1G which is 1 times the force of gravity, so 6G would be 6 times the force of gravity. So somebody that weighed lets say 200 pounds they’re going to feel like they weigh 1200 pounds, 6 times their body weight.”

Torres is no stranger to the Wiregrass, completing the aircraft in December and taking one of his first flights to visit family.

“She brought her family out and we flew down to Geneva and they were just fascinated with seeing the airplane and coming into Geneva. I guess not a whole lot of aircraft come into that airport so she was excited,” Torres said.

For Steve Torres.... The sky is the limit.

“I’ve got 15,000 hours of flying, it just never gets old. its in my blood. Most kids that grow up going to air shows and watching airplanes is where they want to be and I’ve just never lost the passion,” Torres said.

Torres built his aircraft in just 3 years and 11 months.

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