Wallace Community College showcases programs

Published: Jul. 16, 2020 at 3:34 PM CDT
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Wallace Community College has several programs they offer to students every year with the hope for more in the future. They showcased their tools to the director of workforce development for Alabama community colleges.

Wallace Community College is offering several programs for their students, one being the virtra simulator. A tool they use for realistic law enforcement training.

Bridging the gap between the programs that community colleges offer and meeting the needs of business and industry. That’s the work Dr. Kelley does for community colleges across the state of Alabama.

“Dr. Kelley is new to the community college system and he’s really making a tour of all of our campuses in the southern region so this is our opportunity to showcase all of the wonderful programs Wallace has to offer,” Joe Johnson, director of workforce development said.

Programs that include health science, criminal justice, welding and workforce development ->

“The one thing that Wallace of Dothan has that is phenomenal that is always been in the community and the perception is that they meet the needs of business and industry. They’re agile, they’re flexible and that is what business and industry needs to create a workforce that is sustainable,” Dr. Brock Kelley, regional director of workforce for the Alabama Community College System said.

Dr. Kelley got to experience first-hand what tools students use to enhance their learning.

“Some of the wonderful things that we have available for our students, for us specifically a simulation and what really gives them the edge when it comes to being trained and transferred into the workforce after graduation,” Johnson said.

How an education that Wallace serves will prepare students for their future.

“Each program at each college offers is aligned with the business and industry within that region and what that business and industry needs is kind of what guides the instruction of the college so the linemen program, the mental health, that is business and industry driven. My ultimate goal is to just support Wallace of Dothan and their efforts to meet the needs of the business and industry,” Kelley said.

Wallace Community College’s next goal for the future is to adapt a mental health program.

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