Simple steps of getting your kids to succesfully wear their masks

Published: Jul. 16, 2020 at 9:58 AM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Sometimes getting shoes on a little one can be a complicated task in the mornings, now with COVID-19 the new task is--a mask.

So as a parent it is best to keep these tips in the back of your head

“When you are talking about masks with children it is important for younger kids to just use simple language say we are protecting against germs to keep you and other people healthy,” says Michael Rasmey, Pediatrician at Dothan Pediatrics.

Other ways to help make your child feel more comfortable with masks are:

  • put a mask on their favorite stuffed animal
  • decorate them to feel a little more personalized
  • show pictures of other kids wearing theirs

With school is quickly approaching a lot are wondering if masks will be mandated in the classroom

For parents it is best to keep in mind that practice makes perfect, and for officials expectations should not be to high in the beginning.

“I think that it is important not to just expect people to just show up to school the first day and be able to wear a mask all day and so having kids practice wearing a mask when you go out or when you are at home for a little bit just have them work into it some,” says Ramsey.

Those kids over 6 years of age are required to wear a mask with the new mask mandate. However those older than 2 years of age are still capable of wearing a mask.

Anyone younger than 2 can face complications.

“We don’t recommend children under 2 to wear a mask under any circumstance because it can build up carbon monoxide and make them sick,” said Ramsey.

While masks may not be the most loved object by a child, as a parent it is important to enforce

Because COVID-19 can affect children of all ages.

“Younger children can get COVID they can be sick and have pretty high fevers and they can of course infect other people so for those reasons we want them to be protected as well,” says Ramsey.

For those kids who may have a rough time with wearing the masks it is best that parents enforce social distancing as much as possible.

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