Patients with serious heart disease and type II diabetes among most at-risk from COVID-19

Published: Jul. 7, 2020 at 9:15 PM CDT
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Last month the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its list of those with a higher risk of coming down with a serious case of coronavirus.

On the list were those with serious heart disease as well as type II diabetes among others.

“Patients that have diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, are having a more serious response to the COVID infection,” said Interventional Cardiologist Doctor Samir Patel. “That being said, everyone is at risk so the more risk factors you do have, obviously the higher risk you have of becoming seriously ill.”

“Type II diabetics, if they get COVID-19, they have actually a risk of dying about three to four times higher than the average person who does not have Diabetes Type II or no chronic medical conditions,” said endocrinologist Doctor Sherief Kamel.

Cardiologists and endocrinologists say there’s no reason to panic and to continue protecting yourself while following social distancing guidelines.

“We do tell our patients that come into the office, other than the general precautions, probably minimize any unnecessary travel. If you’re going to the grocery store make sure you wear a mask,” said Doctor Patel.

They also say to be prepared if you aren’t able to leave your home.

“Make sure you take your medicines and make sure you have enough supply of the medicine just in case you have to go in quarantine or have to isolate yourself,” said Doctor Kamel.

Doctors also say to not hesitate to go to your doctor’s office for checkups.

“Heart attacks are coming in that may have been prevented because they were scared to go to the hospital because of infection or they’re scared to go to their doctor,” said Doctor Patel. “That is the absolute wrong way to think. You need to make sure you still take your medication and seek appropriate medical care.”

They say telehealth programs are also available.

“I can see the patients, they can see me and ask questions,” said Doctor Kamel. “We can review the labs and everything can be done appropriately.”

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