Dothan City Schools prepares for any shutdown or outbreak with reopening plan

Published: Jul. 8, 2020 at 3:56 PM CDT
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Dothan City Schools has officially put out their start dates with teachers reporting back August 11th and students starting August 17th. But it’s more than just what approach parents will be choosing for their child, DCS is prepared for any outbreak or shutdown they may have to face this upcoming school year.

Dothan City Schools has announced their official plan of reopening under COVID-19 but one of the biggest concerns is how a traditional setting will look.

“Classroom changes is also something we are looking at to make sure that our kids are not changing different surfaces because those surfaces will have to be sanitized and wiped down,” Meagan Dorsey, Dothan City School public information officer said.

Although DCS wont be able to control social distancing inside the classroom.

“The class sizes will depend on what we learn from our virtual and remote learning sign ups. A lot of our school plans will be presented by our schools this week and they will be available on Dothan City Schools reopening website,” Dorsey said.

Schools are expecting parents to step up this upcoming school year.

“Families screen their kids at home, we are hoping they take the precautions to make sure that your kid does not come to school if they’re experiencing any of the symptoms of the virus as well as any other viruses. We gotta make sure we keep our kids safe and healthy,” Dorsey said.

But if a staff member or student has been exposed to the virus.

“That could happen, it could happen in the classroom, it could happen in grade levels, it could happen in the entire wings, we really don’t know. If that happens we want you to know that we will be prepared to notify you, to contact the health department because we will be working very closely with the local health department,” Dr. Phyllis Edwards, Dothan City Schools superintendent said.

If there was a complete shutdown, DCS is prepared to go fully remote. Purchasing an online platform suitable for all grade levels.

But if DCS is able to reopen after the shut down, a plan is set in place for those wishing to reenter under a traditional setting.

“We may see something like, 50 percent of the student body in a particular school, going to school on Monday’s and Tuesday’s, 50 percent going on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, Friday’s being for complete cleaning of the facility,” Edwards said.

Based on the number of students signing up for virtual and remote learning, a team of teachers will be trained for providing online instruction.

For more information on Dothan City School’s plan you can visit

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