Two-year-old battling multiple heart conditions keeps fighting

LeAnna will soon be on the heart transplant list.
LeAnna will soon be on the heart transplant list.(WTVY)
Published: Jul. 6, 2020 at 5:01 PM CDT
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Most toddlers wish for bikes and dolls for their birthday gifts, but one two-year-old is wishing for a new heart.

Next month LeAnna brown will be celebrating her third birthday three years after doctors told her mother she was a miscarriage.

This little girl has been battling a heart condition since birth.

“Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is a condition where her heart is too big,” says her father Jason Brown.

She’s also been battling a metabolic disorder that causes heart failure.

“Her body can’t break down certain fats so it stores it into different places like her heart, her liver, just stores it wherever it wants,” says Brown.

After years without answers, the Children’s Hospital Colorado is giving LeAnna a new treatment plan and her family has new hope.

Colorado was the only hospital that would take her. Everybody else said that they wouldn’t do it. The doctors in Louisiana said that she wasn’t going to make it,” says Brown.

Leanna began treatment this week.

Once fluids are off her lungs and she is strong and healthy again, LeAnna will be placed on the transplant list.

Doctors predict that will take three to four months.

While LeAnna might be weak physically her mental strength inspires many especially her father.

“I went to her and I said Leanna are you going to fight for daddy. If you’re tired whatever God’s will is. If you want to fight daddy’s going to fight with you. We always promise each other, and she promised me that she’s going to fight so we’ve been at this together,” says Brown.

Leanna’s parents are grateful for the prayers, well wishes, and donations from family and friends including those in the Wiregrass.

They will show LeAnna videos sent to her once she is feeling better.

Jason hopes his daughter’s story will shed light for parents with children that also have the rare condition.

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