Denton Road Apartments tenant frustrated with mold problem

Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 8:04 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - One Denton Road Apartments resident is frustrated with the mold that’s spreading in her unit.

Mia Culver is a full-time mom, student, and worker.

Taking her son to their home in Denton Road Apartments after a long day should be relaxing, but she’s been dealing with a mold issue that makes it anything but that.

It’s a problem that she has been complaining about to property management for months.

“When they do fix it all they do is just paint over it maybe a month and a half it will start coming back through and every time it comes back through it’s much worse than the last time,” says Culver.

A temporary fix that she believes is the cause of her son’s consistent sickness.

“He’s been sick all year round just constantly sick. I’m having to take him to the doctor every other weekend,” says Culver

That’s why she took matters into her own hands and contacted a professional to inspect her apartment.

She quickly learned that she would need property management approval before the company could come out.

“I went to the office and I asked her and she was like we’re not going to pay for it and I explained to her that it was free, they said they would come out for free and do it and she was just really nasty about it,” says Culver.

As of Thursday, Mia has not received approval to allow the company to come out and inspect.

The property manager says she will have someone sent.

Those are unpromising words that Mia has heard multiple times.

“I don’t want another to have to move in here and have to deal with this. That’s not safe and no one wants to live like that. You don’t want to work hard for your money and pay your rent and have to live like this,” says Culver.

We reached out to the property manager but did not receive a response. Culver says no one inspected her apartment Thursday.

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