Rocket makes a unique cloud over Japan

Troy University students enjoyed a day off from class

Workers stuck out in the cold

So cold that eyebrows are freezing in Siberia

Governor Ivey issues State of Emergency in preparation for winter weather

Warming stations will open again starting Saturday night

Cold fronts have minor impact on insects and pests

Blizzard conditions hit parts of North Dakota hard

California mudslides kill at least 15, families left stranded

Ice covers cars and buildings in the German mountains

Victim search expands as California storm, mudslides kill 13

Cyclone kills 29 in African nation of Madagascar

Parts of Australia bake under record heat

South Carolina reporter wipes out during Winter Storm live report

Tennessee family brings snow slopes to front yard

Weather Channel Meteorlogist helps rescue woman's car from flood waters

Winter storm downs gas station in New Jersey

Windstorm battering France hits electricity supplies

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