House GOP chairman criticizes Trump policy on animal imports

Leaders praise Rev. Jesse Jackson after health disclosure

Alabama's GOP governor to vote Moore for Senate

Sen. Hatch to Dems saying tax cuts are for rich: 'Bull crap'

White House requests $44B disaster aid bill

JFK FILES: 10,744 more Kennedy assassination records released

UPDATE: Sanders says Trump, Franken cases are different

US House of Representatives passes sweeping GOP tax overhaul

Experts: Puerto Rico may struggle for nearly 2 more decades

UPDATE: GOP leader calls for Menendez ethics review

School shooting in Northern California

New accuser to disclose sexual assault allegations against Roy Moore today, lawyer says

One of Roy Moore's accusers worked as interpreter for Hillary Clinton campaign

Clue, Wiffle Ball, paper airplane enter Toy Hall of Fame

Barack Obama expected in Chicago for jury duty

Pitcher Roy Halladay dies in Gulf of Mexico plane crash

Local pastor reacts to Texas church shooting

Middle school students propose development ideas for former Wisconsin K-Mart site

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