SAMC gets new Leo beds for premature babies

Robot company curbs teen pregnancy rates world wide

Study: Chemical used In French Fries could cure baldness

People using Imodium AD diarrhea drug to get high

SAMC holds balloon release for Heart Health Awareness Month

New bill could soon make it mandatory for students to get HPV vaccine

Clorox 360 offers a quick way to decon after flu

Flu Outbreak closes school in Gulf County, Fla.

ASMR: Woman makes videos of cutting jelly to help people relax

Local pharmacies facing a shortage of Tamiflu

Health department sees double the amount of patients for flu shots

SAMC Pathologist explains important blood donation procedure

Houston County Health Dept hosts clinic for flu shots

Alabama flu declared Public Health Emergency

Doctors concerned about online laundry detergent pod "memes"

Saying written info out loud is the best way to remember it

Voluntary recall for Southern Home and Winn-Dixie ice cream brands

Flu season is reaching its peak

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